Neil Butler



From Australia, Bachelor Business, Monash University, Australia. Neil has been in business in Japan and Asia for 38 years, working in media, marketing, branding, management, trade facilitation and business development. Neil implemented one of Australia's largest single international consumer marketing program, the 'Aussie Beef' branding program in Japan. He speaks both English and Japanese.

Yoko Ishikawa



Yoko studied at the international department of Sophia University and spent her high school years in the USA. She spent 22 years in hospital management and 28 years as an English instructor. Founded and has for 10 years been successfully running her own NPO in order to showcase Japanese culture to the world.

Paul McInnes



From Glasgow, Scotland. Paul holds an MA and M.Phil in English Literature from the University of Glasgow. Former writer and contributing editor to The Japan Times, Time Out Tokyo, Tokyo Weekender, the Telegraph, TokyoFashion, Stylus and Sportswear International. Currently Editor-in-Chief of Metropolis.


Miko Liggayu

Okinawa Market Partner & Creative Content Director


Miko is presently a Committee Vice Chair of Membership Relations at the American Chamber of Commerce in Tokyo and Vice President of Plans, Programs, and Scholarship for the Tokyo Chapter of the Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association (AFCEA). Miko also serves as Board Director appointed by the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Japan correlating with Tokyo Embassy of the Republic of the Philippines, is CEO for FadTech Group of Companies KK headquartered in Tokyo, and Group EVP for Fad Tech Sales and Services LTD/LLC, headquartered in Okinawa.


Camille Miller



Born in California, Camille currently serves as the editor at Metropolis. Bilingual in English and Japanese, she uses her writing and communication skills to translate, edit and create original content within the magazine’s production team. She was the art editor at Reed Magazine, the oldest literary journal in California, and a regular contributor at Metro, an alternative weekly newspaper covering culture and news in Silicon Valley. She holds a BA in English Literature from San Jose State University and has also studied film, art and political science at various campuses.


Jessie Carbutt

Assistant Editor and Social Media Coordinator


Since graduating from Lancaster University in the UK with a BA in English Literature, Creative Writing and French, Jess has worked as a writer, editor, content curator and social media consultant in Europe and Japan. Currently, she is the assistant editor at Metropolis Magazine and digital media consultant for Japan Partnerships Holdings’ clients, working with SNS, online and print media.

Fernando Goya

Fernando Goya

Developer / Designer


From São Paulo, Brazil. Fernando has been programming for more than 15 years building websites and systems. He is passionate about technology, music and discovering new places. He speaks Portuguese, English and Japanese.


Natsuki Araki

Web Designer


Natsuki is an ex-professional dancer from Fukuoka. After graduating from university in New York, she worked as a web designer in All Nippon Airways’ (ANA) Manhattan office. Since returning to Japan, she continued to strengthen her design skills at various companies and through a number of freelance projects. Natsuki is currently the web director at Metropolis and teaches at a design school on the weekends. She is native in Japanese and fluent in English.

Tatsuki Butler

Tatsuki Butler

Creative Lead


Based in Brisbane, Australia. Graduated from Tokyo Metropolitan Kokusai Highschool. Currently completing fourth year of Law degree at University of Queensland. English/Japanese bilingual. Currently consulting and liaising with JPH creative projects.

Justice Edwards

Justice Edwards



Justice was born in Tokyo and studied in Victoria, Canada, and in California. His passions lie in filmmaking and acting, and his work focuses on script writing and film shooting. He is currently the videographer for Metropolis.