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About Magazine Advertising

Q. How does Metropolis differ from other English-language magazines in Japan?
(1) Market Share:
Among approximately 20 English-language publications, Metropolis accounts for about 40% of the circulation.
(2)Brand Awareness:
As the market leader, Metropolis holds the top position in terms of recognition within the foreign community. It is often referred to as the bible of expat living.
With its leading market share, credibility, and brand recognition, Metropolis wields significant influence within the foreign community. Utilizing Metropolis means positioning your service as a key player in reaching the expat community.
Q. I can't create English advertisements, what should I do?
Don't worry. Our native designers will create advertisements for you from a foreign perspective. All you need to do is submit the materials for the advertisement. Leave the rest to us.
Q. What is important when creating advertisements?
Plain and simple, it’s about creating designs from an international perspective. Since your target audience is international, the design must resonate with their thoughts and emotions. However, it's challenging for Japanese designers to fully capture this perspective. That's where our company comes in. Our experienced international designers will create designs tailored to the values of your audience. Leave it to us.
Q. Our English support isn’t perfect, are there still ways to attract foreign customers?
You don't necessarily need to have 100% English proficiency. Depending on the industry, the level of English proficiency required may vary. What's important is the intention to welcome foreign customers. Even if you can't communicate in English fluently, conveying a warm "Welcome!" is enough. Words may not always be understood, but feelings can be universally communicated. This sentiment holds true across the globe.
Q. What should I look for when choosing the right advertising medium?
Credibility (Objective Circulation):
The most crucial factor for advertisers is whether the circulation figures of the chosen media are substantiated by credible evidence. Without objective evidence supporting the claimed circulation, the credibility of the publication is questionable, making it difficult to assess the value of advertising investments.

Market Share of Circulation:
The higher the circulation of a magazine, the greater the value of advertising within it. A larger market share increases the potential to reach more foreign customers. Therefore, advertising in publications with only a small percentage of market share may not yield significant response. Metropolis, with approximately 40% share among over 20 English-language publications, offers substantial potential to promote your services to a broader foreign audience.

Brand Awareness:
No matter how eloquently a magazine is pitched by sales representatives, advertising in a publication unknown to the target foreign audience serves little purpose. It's essential to gauge the magazine's awareness among foreigners, which can be done through surveys or direct inquiries.

For an advertising medium to have influence within the foreign community, it must possess all three factors: credibility (objective circulation), significant market share, and brand awareness. Therefore, it's important to understand that the decision to advertise should not solely be based on low advertising costs.
Q. What are the main distribution locations of Metropolis?
Please find the main distribution locations of Metropolis here.
Major distribution points for Metropolis.

About Online Advertising

Q. What types of online advertising are there?
We have banner ads, online articles, classified ads, social media, and newsletters.
Q. Is there a deadline for submitting online advertising placements?
Ads can be placed anytime with the provided design.
Q. What is the page view count for the Metropolis website?
As of the latest data, we have 70,000 monthly visitors and 300,000 page views.


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